Saturday, March 19, 2011

February Project Complete - More or less

I finished the last couple of figs and based them all, so I'm calling this army complete!  There is one small exception as you'll see below. . .

New since the last entry are the Mounted Orc Trackers, Amdur Lord of Blades, and the Morannon Orc Standard Bearer 

Here are the orc trackers.  The color scheme I used is essentially what GW uses - though I'm not a fan of doing the faces in a different color from the body.  With these guys, you can start to see the limitation of what Quickshade can do.  Too much brown means not a lot of contrast.

Here's a shot of the Easterling 'command.'  You can see the difference between priming white and priming black when you compare Amdur to the rest of the group.  Exact same paint colors, but a completely different tone even after the Armypainter Quickshade is applied.

And finally, here's a tight shot of the Morannon 'command' - and the reason I say the army is only 'sort of' complete.  Notice the Standard Bearer.

Where's your arm, mate?

I had this guy completely painted, dipped, and dull-coted before I realized that somewhere in the scrum his arm had vanished.  No idea what happened to it.  Now I'll have to find some way to repair it with other bits, but that will be a task for another day.  I don't have to deliver this army for about a month, so for now I'm moving on to other projects

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  1. Looks great and I see what you mean about the white primer.