Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easterlings ready for dip

I took this week to base coat the Easterling portion of my February Project.

Though I tested the colors with Blood Red for the cloth, I wasn't happy with the appearance and switched to purple.  My original concern with purple was that the models would come out looking like Minnesota Viking* fans , but that fear appears to be unfounded.  :-)


Armor:  Burnished Gold
Weapons:  Bestial Brown, Boltgun Metal
Tunic: Vallejo Game Color Liche Purple**
Capes:  Scab Red
Boots and Shield Inset:  Bestial Brown
Pants and Sleeves:  Delta Ceramcoat Charcoal

They may not look like much right now, but the dip (Army Painter Medium) will sort them out nicely.  There are a few details left to hit (mostly on the banner), but they will be dipped on Sunday and Dullcoted on Monday.  Then its on to the Morannons!

I think I'm right on schedule to have this project wrapped up by March 1st.

*I'm actually a Minnesota Vikings fan, but my customer does not necessarily share my affinity

**This color took two coats to pull off and its still dark.  A good argument against priming black, IMO.  The first coat was my standard dillution of 1:1 and was so dark it was almost indistinguishable from the black undercoat.  

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