Monday, October 31, 2011

preDeneghra - Say Goodnight, Gloria

So the legend goes that once upon a time in the land of Cygnar, a girl child of only 5 summers was abducted by the forces of Cryx.  In time she would be shaped into the merciless killer named Deneghra, but on that night - that one last night - she was just Gloria. . .

Happy Halloween from the Nightmare Empire

I thought I'd take a pic of everything I've collected and painted since I started in June 2011.  And what better reason than the season?

Papa Terminus leading his children into battle.  Purely by accident, I realized I've now basically built up Terminus' side of the faction.

Skarre getting in on the action

The first unit I painted - Bane Thralls

War Witch Deneghra - Complete

Finished Dirty D off last night - including her new basing scheme.  I actually forgot the method I used to do the bile thralls tiles and had to re-invent it here.  Its got too many reworkings in it to list out a concrete formula yet.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

War Witch Deneghra

I had an original pDenny sculpt sitting on my desk and decided it was time to give her some love with a very simple conversion here

Dirty D's 'classic' model lacks quite a bit of zing, so I replace the spearhead with one off a GW lizardman sprue. The GS below it is supposed to be a piston.

I also bent the left arm up and bit and splayed the palm to make it look more like its projecting power outward than away and down.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bile Thralls

I took a little bit of a turn on these.  The colors are much brighter than what I've been painting to this point.  I think it makes them a little cartoony, but I also think I like it. The biggest change, however, is the basing.  I got the great Malifaux mortuary bases with the idea that I would put all my necrotech stuff on them.  This is the first wave, but I'll probably end up re-basing the McThralls as well.

Here's a better shot of the bases.  Love these things!

Next Up:  Warwitch Sirens

Monday, October 10, 2011

Terminus - Loaded like a Freight Train

I think Axl Rose said it best about Terminus when he said, "I'm a mean machine, been drinkin' gasoline, and honey you can make my motor hum."  By 'make my motor hum," I can only assume he meant culling souls helped power his necrotite reactor.

Yes, the Night Train himself has finally arrived to sow death and destruction!  And by 'sow', I really mean reap, cuz the Night Train ain't got time to plant.

This model was interesting to paint.  First off, it took me like 2 weeks - which is a long time for my tabletop standard.  Second, as incredible as the detail on the model is, the real focal point (aptly pointed out by my buddy, Tom) is the wings - which are huge!

I tried a different recipe for the NMM gold on this one:

  • Reaper Tanned Leather
  • Flesh Wash glaze
  • another Flesh Wash glaze
  • Reaper Tanned Leather up to Bleached Bone
On the Deathjack, I used Citadel Desert Tan as a base, and I think it looks better than this one - though this one looks more dramatic.

Anyway, on to the pics. . .

Next Up:  Bile Thralls

Monday, October 3, 2011


The other crabjack

This model came to me fully-painted, and pinned and epoxied together, but Super Clean took care of that!

Astute viewers will note that the base isn't complete yet (no grass or LOS marks), but I shall rectify that soon enough.  Can't wait to throw this thing on the table!

Here's a shot of that lovely gun:

And a shot of the claw

And finally, a little collection of painted soul tokens.  I had some skulls and heads sitting around, so I used sculpey to make the rest.  They don't look uber, IMO, but they were fun to make and play with.

Next up:  Terminus!!