Monday, October 10, 2011

Terminus - Loaded like a Freight Train

I think Axl Rose said it best about Terminus when he said, "I'm a mean machine, been drinkin' gasoline, and honey you can make my motor hum."  By 'make my motor hum," I can only assume he meant culling souls helped power his necrotite reactor.

Yes, the Night Train himself has finally arrived to sow death and destruction!  And by 'sow', I really mean reap, cuz the Night Train ain't got time to plant.

This model was interesting to paint.  First off, it took me like 2 weeks - which is a long time for my tabletop standard.  Second, as incredible as the detail on the model is, the real focal point (aptly pointed out by my buddy, Tom) is the wings - which are huge!

I tried a different recipe for the NMM gold on this one:

  • Reaper Tanned Leather
  • Flesh Wash glaze
  • another Flesh Wash glaze
  • Reaper Tanned Leather up to Bleached Bone
On the Deathjack, I used Citadel Desert Tan as a base, and I think it looks better than this one - though this one looks more dramatic.

Anyway, on to the pics. . .

Next Up:  Bile Thralls

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