Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey baby, wanna kill all humans?

Finished products for the current Retribution commission

Ninja Elf Chicks!

Shooty Elf boys

Shooty-Explody Elf Boys

Friday, June 14, 2013

You say you want a Retribution?

Some very early WIPs of the latest commission.  I've currently got full MHSF and 2 Stormfall units underway.

Check out this joker. Look Ma! No leg below the thigh!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

eKaya & Laris

Finally posting up a caster! 

Epic Kaya is one of those casters that looks fun to play on paper, but is a little bit of a disappointment on the table - at least for me.  I love the character, but playing her instead of. . . say. . . eMorvahna or Kromac . . . yeah, I just don't see it.

Add to that her less than inspiring model and you have a mess.

Well, at least I can do something about the model!  Here I've swapped her weapon to her off-hand (hand is GS), and replaced the left with one from the bit pile.  She now resembles her artwork more closely!

Though she's usually portrayed in a red cloak, I put her in a black cloak because in my army all druids wear black.  They're called 'blackclads' afterall!  That, and red doesn't really provide contrast to the autumn orange that dominates the model.

I love Laris' model.  He's that rare wolf model that actually has muscle definition you can get your brush into!  I also love how front-heavy he is and how the momentum of the model's pose is forward and aggressive.  Howling wolves are nice, but low and poised to strike is much more menacing.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Warpborn Skinwalkers

The new rock stars of Circle Orboros, the Skinwalkers + UA now make it into practically every list I make.  This was a unit where the models were so good, it hurt that they paled in comparison to other infantry options.  Now that they have a killer UA, they occupy that happy nexus of beauty and effectiveness that makes them a joy to field!

Note: I've only included the unique poses below.  There is a full unit sitting on the shelf.

The MVP - Warpborn Alpha UA