Tuesday, May 21, 2013

eKaya & Laris

Finally posting up a caster! 

Epic Kaya is one of those casters that looks fun to play on paper, but is a little bit of a disappointment on the table - at least for me.  I love the character, but playing her instead of. . . say. . . eMorvahna or Kromac . . . yeah, I just don't see it.

Add to that her less than inspiring model and you have a mess.

Well, at least I can do something about the model!  Here I've swapped her weapon to her off-hand (hand is GS), and replaced the left with one from the bit pile.  She now resembles her artwork more closely!

Though she's usually portrayed in a red cloak, I put her in a black cloak because in my army all druids wear black.  They're called 'blackclads' afterall!  That, and red doesn't really provide contrast to the autumn orange that dominates the model.

I love Laris' model.  He's that rare wolf model that actually has muscle definition you can get your brush into!  I also love how front-heavy he is and how the momentum of the model's pose is forward and aggressive.  Howling wolves are nice, but low and poised to strike is much more menacing.

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