Saturday, February 12, 2011

A couple of test models

I started playing around with colors for the February Project.  I went into it knowing what I wanted for a color scheme, but when you're using dip its not always clear how different tones will come out.

In this case, the Morannon Orcs were easy:

Skin - Catachan Green - could probably go lighter
Metal - Boltgun
Tunic - Scab Red
Boots & Wood - Bestial Brown
Pants & Sleeves - Charcoal (Delta Ceramcoat)

The Easterlings were a little bit more of a problem.  The models are really simplistic, and I just tried to follow the color scheme Weta and GW came up with.

Armor - Shining Gold - should probably be Burnished Gold
Weapons - Boltgun
Cloth - Charcoal & Blood Red - should probably be Scab Red
Boots & Wood - Bestial Brown

I think these guys turned out altogether too dark, but a brighter gold will help bring it up.  Using Scab Red will help them fit in with the Morannons, and though its darker than the current color it should be a nice contrast.

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