Monday, March 7, 2011

Switching Gears - Back to Fornost

While the February Project is 90% finished, I've decided to take a little break and get back to my own stuff.

Case in point, my Fornost Veterans need a home.  I don't have any really brilliant ideas for a display, but I broke out the foam cutter the other night and came up with this:

The set up is a bit of a departure for me when it comes to displays for a couple reasons

  • I usually like symmetry on displays, but I'm playing with the balance on this one; sacrificing visuals for what I hope will be realism.
  •  Most of the time I build layers front to back so that all the models can be seen.  This time, I've raised up Glorfindel's spot to make him look suitably heroic - leading the remnants of Fornost's forces out of the hills in ambush.
  • Its a lot smaller than previous displays.  Sometimes I find its difficult to store my displays inbetween games, and I'm also looking towards ease of packing for travel.  Not sure this is working.  The display is pretty crowded "as is."
Here's the top-down shot:


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