Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fornost Veterans Complete!!!

At long last this project has come to completion!

When I started this army, I wanted three things:

1) A tough army - I like to play in tournaments, so the army has to be able to hold its own.  The F4, D6, and spears of the Warriors of Arnor are a great base for an army, and Elven characters rock.

2) A strong theme - I've always been fond of Glorfindel, and I've been looking for an army to include his Lord of the Westness in since I started playing.  What better way to include him than in the battle in which he epically predicted the Lord of the Nazgul's doom?

3) Lots of modelling and painting opportunities - I like to compete for best army/paint prizes.  I wanted the army to compete with the best anyone could bring anywhere in the world.  Not that I plan to travel the world, but you never know. :-)

I've done heavily converted armies before, but this one set a new standard for me with the amount of detailed sculpting and scratch building.  In addition, I took on a new color for me - Green.

Now, I know you're probably saying, "What's the big deal about green?  Doesn't just about every paint line have a complete suite of green colors to work with?"  

And you'd be right!

But I've never been overly impressed with armies that feature green, nor have I ever had much luck prior to this project making it look good.  So, in that respect, green was a big departure for me.

Anyway, I know y'all are here for the pics and not to read my ditherings, so here's the top-down shot so you can see the placement of the models and scenery:

The base of the display is just a plain old picture frame (and a cannibalized one, at that).  The frame is a nice one, though, and I plan to re-use the frame itself for other armies.  To this end, I haven't glued the guts of the display in permanently or anything.  I can take the back off the frame and pop the whole thing out.  sweeeet!

Some isometric shots from the corner for perspective.

A close up of Glorfindel, as he leads the remnants of the Fornost garrison out of the hills in an attack on the Witchking's rearguard.

A shot of the command group.  These three models have more conversions than any other model in the army - including the hornblower, who's every detail is scratch built

Same shot a little further back so you can see some of the detail dispersed throughout the army.  The Warrior of Arnor in the foreground has an arrow protruding from his belly.  Pity he won't be making it back from this campaign.

I'm using Rangers of the North as my Dunedain.  I figure this scene goes down before the complete decline of the North, so the Dunedain could still afford decent threads.  Plus, I like the models and there are no other Dunedain models in the army to confuse people.

A shot of one of the ranger groups.  Its harder to see the detail on these guys, but no model in the army is alike.  Each one has a small addition or two - pouches, daggers, etc. - to distinguish them from one another

Watch out for sneaky rangers!

I'll be following up this post with a number of model spotlights, and how-to articles to show off some of the work that went into it.  Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. This is An amazing army, the Conversions, painting and dispaly base make in an absolute beuty to look at and it would be awesome to play with/against. You must be trilled. I love Glorfidals horse a specaily.

  2. wow just found your army on the one-ring amazing work! Im working on a Battle Companies III update - and im looking for photos of awesome armies and yours definitely qualifies! Could i use your photos and would you be interested in taking some Battle Company style photos using this army? thanks numenor
    you can check out the project here -

    thanks numenor