Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Khador-y Board

While progress continues forward on the Cryx board, I've also started to lay down the basics of a wintery Khador board.

The concept will be a snowy, muddy, Seige of Stalingrad kind of board with a lot of shelled buildings, craters, and improvised defenses.

Here's the basic layout with the hills already glued down.

All the hills were created using a standard hot wire foam cutter at a very shallow angle for a gradual slope.  I want stuff to be able to stand on the embankments without too much trouble.  You may also note that the hills in the corners are designed to match up with their counterparts on the other side so the board can be re-configured.

I considered making some of the hills 2-tiered, but decided the board would be filled with a lot of ruins and it would just get too busy.   I've got access to a bunch GW 40K ruins, and they will dot the entire board.

Next up for this board:  A trip to the beach for some more sand!

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