Friday, May 4, 2012

Rhinodon, use Iron Tail! - Crucible Grand Prize

Just finished up the first of the warbeasts for the Crucible Grand Prize - the Pokemon-esque Rhinodon!

I tried mightily to get away from Pokemon territory with this guy, and I think by and large I succeeded, but what can you do?  The model screams, "Rhinodon, I choose you!"  :-)

Here's a shot of the back colors.

For the record, here's what I used:

Scab Red
Vallejo Red/Scab Red 50/50
Vallejo Red
Black Glaze (Matte Medium + Black Ink, diluted 50/50)
Red Glaze (see above)
Vallejo Red

I'm particularly chuffed with the way the belly turned out.  Its mostly just varying degrees of Bleached Bone and a Flesh Wash glaze, but there's Black Glaze in there too as you get further away from the belly.

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