Monday, May 21, 2012

Last of the Legion - for a bit


Last of the Legion stuff for a bit.  This is part of an ongoing comission army, and I need to trim down my project list a little (currently 4 projects going), so I can clear some things out.

This guy was fun to paint, but not my favorite.  I really like the model (probably because of a teenage obsession with HP Lovecraft), but the Carnivean body is not the coolest in the range, and the tentacles are fairly uninteresting to paint.

I do like how the tentacles turned out, though.  To me, it looks like a mouthful of earthworms, and I like how disturbing that is.  They were painted thusly:

- Gray Primer
- dilluted Elf Flesh/White Glaze mix
- Black Glaze
- Pink Glaze
- White Glaze for highlights

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