Friday, April 27, 2012

Throne of Everblight

A commission piece for a friend.  Man, this thing sucks up a lot of paint!

I love this model.  Its totally sick and weird, and that appeals to the H.P. Lovecraft fan in me.

I tried some new stuff on this.  I wanted the flesh to be 'fleshy, but didn't want the tentacles and such to be a hard transition to the gray I've been using on the rest of the army, so I compromised and made the recesses fleshy - transitioning to gray in the raised areas.  The idea being that the flesh becomes gray as it matures and hardens.

Y'all can tell me if it works.  I've stared at the model too long to know if its any good :-)

And, BTW, why is it that happens anyway?  I've noticed that I tend to hit a wall at some point on models I spend a lot of time on where I can no longer make a judgement call as to whether it looks any good.  All I can see is stuff I want to improve or can't figure out how to fix.  Just me?

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  1. I am going to devour so many models with that thing lol