Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crucible Grand Prize

Back in February 2012, Chris Cuevas and I ran the first ever Crucible - a Warmachine/Hordes GT in Orlando, Florida.  The Grand Prize for the event was a fully-painted 35 pt. army of the winner's choosing.

Well, the winner was Mr. Jon Galvin and this was the army he requested:

Naaresh             +6
Rhinodon              7
Archidon               7
Basilisk Krea        4
Nihilators x10        9
BeastHandlersx6   3
Animantarax          9
Agonizer                2
Feralgeist              1

Jon also requested the following for a color scheme:

"the studio scheme but . . .  instead of the Skorne red for the main army color that it would be changed to "Heartfire" under the P3 line. . . the Archidon and Rhinodon, I would just like them to have a deep reddish back, nothing too saturated and a tan or "bleachbone" underbelly."

I got the first installment of models to start assembly and paint, so we're off and running.  The Animantarax won't even be released until May, so clearly that will have to wait, and there were a couple others that weren't in stock, but we'll get them in the mix eventually.

I'll be blogging my progress every step of the way, so stay tuned!

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