Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Satyxis Progress - Base coating and some NMM

I made some progress on the whip chicks over the weekend.  Basecoating took a couple of passes (you can see a little bleed-through in the purple of earlier color choices), but I'm not going to fix anything else until I get to highlighting.

The main reason I'm posting this stage is to demonstrate the steel NMM technique I've been employing lately.  Basically, the idea is to paint up a grayscale highlight progression on any steel areas, and then glaze the areas darker and rusty before finishing up with some metallic feathering on the edges.

The highlighting I'm doing here is really a cheat.  Its basic highlighting rather than the more high-end NMM techniques that try to show reflections, but I ain't got time for that.  I have armies to paint, man!!

The only are parts that have been treated past the basecoat is a light glaze of black on the leather and skin.  I do this mainly because I highlight white and need to bring down the recessed areas and fill in the gaps.  The purple doesn't get the same treatment because its pretty dark already.

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