Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dark Elves Color Test

After staring long and hard at my corsairs for about a month, I think I've finally come 'round to a color scheme I like.  I used the following criteria:

  • Purple has been overdone - This part kills me, because I love the color purple (not the movie, tho), but I don't think using the standard color scheme from the army book does anyone any favors when it comes to Best Painted
  • I'd like to use colors I haven't used before
  • Pale skin looks awesome on Dark Elves
  • No Snow - After my Fornost Veterans, I'm done with snow basing for a while
  • Against my better judgement, but inspired by my Beastman Rehab work, I'm going to try a modified NMM method I've developed
So without further ado:

OK, so there's quite a bit of purple. . .

The rest of the regular colors are:

  • Scaley Green highlighted up to Icy Blue
  • Black highlighted up through Midnight Blue to Icy Blue
  • Elf Flesh/White (50/50) - glazed black and highlighted to white
  • Bleached Bone - glazed black and highlighted up to Bleached Bone/White (50/50)
  • Vallejo Purple, Warlock Purple, Tentacle Pink - the Vallejo Purple is very shiny, so I mixed it with Glaze Medium to make it matte

  • Medium gray tone highlighted to a light gray/white in standard NMM approach
  • Vallejo Black Glaze dilluted 50/50 with water
  • Glazed with Flesh Wash mixed with Vallejo Glaze Medium
  • Boltgun Metal highlight along the edges to make them look 'sharp'

  • Bubonic Brown, Vomit Brown, Vomit Brown/White to highlight
  • Flesh Wash glaze
  • Re-highlight with Vomit Brown up to White
  • I think this recipe will evolve over the course of the army

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