Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Legion

Moar Legion!!

Love this guy.  Great model, great pose, so easy to paint.

This guy has some of the best musculature I've seen.  Again, a treat to paint and so simple, but fantastic looking model.

A minor conversion on this model.  I can't recall where the crow came from, but its a nice affectation.  This was suggested and supplied by the client.

And next, the best of the bunch!  Another great model and a pleasure to paint.  There's some very subtle light sourcing on the gout of flame.

Friday, March 16, 2012

2 New Boards

Got a commission from FLGS Dogs of War Gaming in Palm Bay, FL to build four boards for use in the store.

I've got 2 underway.  Both boards are designed to be reversable.

For info's sake, here are the materials:

  • 3/16" 4x8 hardboard sheets
  • 3/4" 4x8 insulation foam sheets
  • I glue everything down with regular white (Elmers or PVA) glue which I buy by the gallon.  
  • Beach Sand (though I technically get it from a local volleyball court, cuz its cleaner and drier)
Hardboard and insulation foam both sell for @$13 for a 4'x8' sheet in my area (Satellite Beach, FL).  I have the store cut them both down to 2x4 pieces for easy transportation and storage.

Board #1 is designed to be expandable to 6x4 - thus the open space in the middle to add another partition.  However, the hills are reversible and can be lined up back-to-back for a cool ridge.

Board #2 looks like it will have some water features, but that's actually just contours meant to look like dry creek beds.  Water features take a lot more steps, materials, and time.  Again, the board is reversible, but will not be expandable.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

On a tear

I've been back in machine mode lately, tearing through models for various reasons.  This post only represents about half of what I've actually completed in the last couple weeks.  If it sounds like I'm bragging, I guess I am :-)

First, a couple bonejacks for an upcoming Mangled Metal tourney - 2 Helldivers and a Stalker.  I painted these all over the last 2 days.  I'll still need to go back and hit the vents with some Necrotite glow.

Next, the Strider UA and Solo for a my Legion commission.  I won't be finishing the bases on these.

Blackfrost Shard - same deal as above

Kallus - his back spikes were not provided.  Such a boring caster to paint, but a quick one!

A light warbeast - Raek, I think

An epic conversion in the works for Epic Thagrosh

Finally, Deathwalker - this is the companion model to Goreshade the Bastard