Friday, March 16, 2012

2 New Boards

Got a commission from FLGS Dogs of War Gaming in Palm Bay, FL to build four boards for use in the store.

I've got 2 underway.  Both boards are designed to be reversable.

For info's sake, here are the materials:

  • 3/16" 4x8 hardboard sheets
  • 3/4" 4x8 insulation foam sheets
  • I glue everything down with regular white (Elmers or PVA) glue which I buy by the gallon.  
  • Beach Sand (though I technically get it from a local volleyball court, cuz its cleaner and drier)
Hardboard and insulation foam both sell for @$13 for a 4'x8' sheet in my area (Satellite Beach, FL).  I have the store cut them both down to 2x4 pieces for easy transportation and storage.

Board #1 is designed to be expandable to 6x4 - thus the open space in the middle to add another partition.  However, the hills are reversible and can be lined up back-to-back for a cool ridge.

Board #2 looks like it will have some water features, but that's actually just contours meant to look like dry creek beds.  Water features take a lot more steps, materials, and time.  Again, the board is reversible, but will not be expandable.

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  1. Those boards are pretty cool, I look forwards to seeing them painted