Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bane Thralls Finished!

It took a couple of weeks, but I've finally got these bad mofos complete.  First a group shot:

Colors were as follows:

  • Metal - Stoney Gray, Cloudy Gray, Rainey Gray (Reaper Master Series), Glaze Black*, Glaze Flesh Wash (GW), highlight with the same series of grays
  • Purple - Hexed Lichen (Vallejo), Warlock Purple (GW), Warlock/Tentacle Pink (GW) 1/1, Glaze Black, highlight with same progression of purple
  • Wood - Bestial Brown (GW), Bleached Bone (GW), Glaze Flesh Wash, retouch Bleached Bone
  • Bone - Bleached Bone, Black Glaze, Bleached Bone, Bleached Bone/White 1/1

*I make my own glazes using Liquitex Matte Medium, Inks, and good old H20

Here's a couple pics of a grunt for closer detail

Finally, here's a close-up on the leader.  Eventually I'll work up something for his banner, but until I come up with a united theme for the army runes I'm going to hold off.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bane Thrall test

Been doing quite a bit of work on the Banes, and, in the spirit of regular updates, here's a pic!

The model is not done yet.  The gold is unfinished and the purple, other than the skirt, still needs touch-up

Monday, June 13, 2011

Satyxis - Round Two

Just converted and primed up the rest of the full Satyxis Raider unit.  With a few small modifications, each model is now unique within the army (something that makes my obsessive, hobby brain-parasite very happy).

And here are two ladies that should not be taken lightly - Satyxis Raider Leader and her Epic Badassness - Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast.

And finally, a shot of Skarre's backside - mainly because I gave her a little friend.  Because in the immortal words of Bob Ross, "In my world, everyone gets a friend."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bane Thralls on deck

While trying to decide how to customize my remaining Satyxis Raiders, I decided to do some assembly on my Bane Thralls.

These models came to me via an internet trade, and were missing their back spikes.  Luckily I have a number of bits that can fill in. The spikes you see on this one came from:

  • a Skink javelin
  • a Corpse Cart torch
  • a Grave Guard helmet spike and a Skink javelin haft

Here's a group shot.  Note that the leader has an hourglass ("your time is up, bra") and banner poles from the Flaggelant sprue.  He's supposed to be pointing and usually comes with a vertical spike rack.  I'm pleased with how the banner looks instead, tho.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dip, Dop, Dippity

Dipping is complete on this army.  Basing and dullcoting on the way.  Time for a group shot!!

A closer shot of the corsairs.  I think the dip really worked well on these guys.  Deep folds of cloth are always good!

You can barely tell there's more than one shade of brown on the warg riders, but they still look great. Look at the face on the front guy!

Morannon orcs are great in the game, but there's just not a lot you can do with the models.