Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bane Thralls on deck

While trying to decide how to customize my remaining Satyxis Raiders, I decided to do some assembly on my Bane Thralls.

These models came to me via an internet trade, and were missing their back spikes.  Luckily I have a number of bits that can fill in. The spikes you see on this one came from:

  • a Skink javelin
  • a Corpse Cart torch
  • a Grave Guard helmet spike and a Skink javelin haft

Here's a group shot.  Note that the leader has an hourglass ("your time is up, bra") and banner poles from the Flaggelant sprue.  He's supposed to be pointing and usually comes with a vertical spike rack.  I'm pleased with how the banner looks instead, tho.

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