Sunday, August 14, 2011


Just one pic this time.  A line up of steampowered zombies

These guys were real simple to paint, but I love the characterful expressions and poses.  Privateer Press continues to impress me with their original and imaginative models.

Flesh - GW Rotting Flesh, glaze black, Rotting Flesh, Rotting Flesh/Bleached Bone, Bleached Bone
Metal - same as the rest of the army.  Reaper MS Shadowed Stone, Cloudy Gray, Rainy Gray, Glaze Black, retouch with Cloudy and Rainy, GW Flesh Wash glaze
Meat - GW Tentacle Pink, black glaze, purple glaze
Green Glow - White, green glaze, white highlight, yellow glaze

I have yet to finish the bases with the Necrotite glow, but I was rushing to get them on the table and have only just now pulled them back out of their case.

Next up, Satyxis Raider Captain & Sea Witch

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