Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beastman Rehab - Bray Shaman Boogie

A motley crew if I ever saw one. .. 

Kharg (the guy on the right) doesn't really need anything, so I focused my time on the others. . . .

First up was my old Great Bray Shaman.
  • Rebased
  • Repaired Braystaff - I extended the shaft and added a number of bits to the top.  There are ogre bits, flaggelant chains and various skulls, plus a little GS fur to fill in the gaps

Next up is the former charioteer.
  • Rebased
  • New Braystaff - The core of the staff is the banner bearer's arm from last edition's herd box.  I've added skulls, GS fur, and some antler-like projections from the Bloodletter standard.

Last is the Hell Dorado mini. Lots of work here
  • GS Hood - nothing special, but it seems to be what bray shamen consider the height of fashion.  Just a thin layer of GS and a silicone-tipped sculpting tool
  • Braystaff - Wire covered with GS and carved with grooves.  Some flaggelant chains and bones, and a skull from the dryad box on top.
  • Belly Plate - Most of the last edition beastmen have a little belly plate, so I made this guy to match.  GS disk with small divots done evenly around the edge with a dental pick.  The skull was cut in half to make it look like its a relief on the plate.
  • Belt and sword - the belt is GS, and the sword is right off the old beastmen sprue


  1. I love your bestigors, but I'm not impressed with shammies headgear. Too crude work.

    By the way, bestigors idea stolen ;)

  2. As the blog name implies, theivery is allowed so long as the thief is polite. Thanks for the comments and criticism. I agree on the headgear :)

    The head underneath is a bit rough to work around, but I think a little filing and a skim coat of GS will rectify it.