Friday, April 1, 2011

Beastman Rehab - Bestigor/Mino Rescue

As the title of this post implies, I've made some good progress on the bestigor and minos.  The steps I've taken so far are as follows:

  • Glazed Black - the wash consisted of Black Ink & Vallejo Glaze Medium - dilluted about 50/50 with water.  This was applied to all areas except the gold; basically any area that could use some depth.
  • Glazed Red - The red areas ONLY were hit with Red Ink/VGM - again, dilluted 50/50
  •  Weapon Fixes - Drilled and Pinned new weapon hafts and blades.  Applied bleached bone to wood and 3 shades of gray/blue to metal
  • Glazed Brown - Same glaze recipe above, except using the old Flesh Wash instead of an ink.  This was applied to steel and gold.
  • Rebasing - Glued cork to the bases and re-flocked with a mixture of sand and two different sizes of scatter
Not every model needed all the above, but below is a group that features all of it: 

Check out this close up on what I'm doing to rescue the NMM.  This represents a Black Glaze, Brown Glaze, and then feathering of Boltgun Metal on the edge to make it look sharp.  The gold just has the Brown Glaze and nothing else.  I think both turned out to be pretty effective:

These Minos got the same treatment as the Bestigors (minus the Red Glaze).  I think the basing is an excellent demonstration of my new rule:

"Good basing beats good painting every time"

And the basing isn't even that complex or impressive :-)

I found my beastlord model.  He's in pretty good shape, and I don't have plans to improve him

Here's a shot of the Bestigor using Minos as unit fillers, and sporting both the Beastlord and the BSB.  Not saying I'll be running the unit this way, but its fun to look at.

I think these guys will constitue my shaman models.  Left to Right:

  • Kharg - started life as a wargor, but he looks crazy enough to be anything.  I'm particularly fond of this model mostly because he started life as me just gluing bits together.
  • Great Bray Shaman - This was my foot model for my GBS in the last edition (the other rode a chariot).  He needs a new braystaff
  • Heldorado Demon - This model is awesome and has been sitting in my collection forever.  Since Heldorado went out of business he's fairly rare, and I've been dying to get him into something.
  • Chariot Bestigor - I used to use this guy as the champ in my bestigor unit, but with a staff in hand I think he'll make a great bray shaman (but not a Great Bray Shaman, if you follow me)

Here's a closer shot of the Heldorado Demon model so you can see the full extent of his awesomeness.

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  1. I really like the colour scheme there. The red cloth contrasts very nicely with the dark skin. That you are an excellent painter is very helpful to the effect too, of course.

    Good job so far on the rehabilitation of your Beastmen, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.