Friday, September 21, 2012

Feral Warp Wolf

Just finished up the first of my puppies - Mr. Chompy.

In the hands of pKaya, this guy is a slippery, toothy, one-dog wrecking crew.  So long has he doesn't die, pKaya is always in the game.


Cloudy Gray (Reaper Masters)
Black Glaze
Re-apply Cloudy Gray
Rainy Gray (also Reaper)
Rainy Gray/Foundation White (Vallejo), 50/50
Rainy/White 25/75


Desert Yellow (Citadel)
Red Glaze
Desert Yellow
dilluted Red Glaze

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shifting Stones and Warping Wolves

Journeyman league underway at Dogs of War Gaming in Palm Bay, FL (my favorite local gaming store) and I've chosen this opportunity to start up my Circle Orboros stuff.

Somewhat ironically, because of the way Journeyman leagues work, I'm only using about half of what you see here.

Lets start off with what I've got painted. . .

Two units of Shifting Stones.  Painted in what is the beginning of Autumn tones.  There's just not a ton I can do with these to show off those colors.

Feral Warpwolf.  This fella is pretty much bog-standard.  One hand got a little twist to give the model a little more movement.

Ninja Stalker!  A fairly substantial conversion on this Warpwolf Stalker.  It was good to bust out the sculpting tools again.  Still trying to decide if its worth the extra greenstuff to match up the arms (one is the Pureblood arm).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wraith Engine Complete

I've added the green glow, so I'm sticking a fork in this one.  I am, in principle, satisfied with the results.  It was a great project to polish my NMM gold skill/formula.

P.S.  I just bought another one of these monstrosities. . .

I'll get you my pretty, and your little teddy bear too!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots o' Khador 3

The hits keep comin'

Meet Mr. Behemoth

And his eminence eIrusk

And what Khador army would be complete with a unit of Widowmakers?

Lots o' Khador 2

Moar Khador! 

The Old Witch - for the most powerful, ancient demi-god in the faction, would you tolerate being referred to as the Old Witch?  I'm thinking no.

And here's her littel pall Scrapjack.  I'm glad I finally built this, because until I did I could never locate the thing's head.  For the record, its that dangly thing between his legs. . .

The little rock spire on the base is there to buttress the rickety construction of the model.

And lastly, the ubiquitous Kayazy Assassins.  Again, there's a full unit, but just a handful are shown here.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lots o' Khador 1

Just finished this commission, and all the figs are tightly packed away in their brand new foam beds and in the hands of their owner, so I'm throwing up the pics.  Took about a month and a half, on and off.  There are a lot of pics, so I'm going to put them out in batches.

First off, lets start with a Unit, a Warcaster, and a Warjack:

Iron Fang Pikemen (there's a full unit, these are just a handful):

And here's the UA:

Prime Irusk:

And finally, the Spriggan:

Next Kayazy, Old Witch, and Scrapjack