Friday, September 21, 2012

Feral Warp Wolf

Just finished up the first of my puppies - Mr. Chompy.

In the hands of pKaya, this guy is a slippery, toothy, one-dog wrecking crew.  So long has he doesn't die, pKaya is always in the game.


Cloudy Gray (Reaper Masters)
Black Glaze
Re-apply Cloudy Gray
Rainy Gray (also Reaper)
Rainy Gray/Foundation White (Vallejo), 50/50
Rainy/White 25/75


Desert Yellow (Citadel)
Red Glaze
Desert Yellow
dilluted Red Glaze


  1. Sitting at DIA, my flight to Seattle delayed until 1:02 am. Lack of sleep is making me wonder if you've been painting anything since September?