Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Wraith Engine Project

I've professed many times that Legion of Everblight range is one of the finest fantasy miniature lines available, but Cryx is right up there too.  As evidence, I present the Cryx Battle Engine:  The Wraith Engine!

I have multiple comission jobs running right now, but I've had this model sitting in the box for a couple months and couldn't resist putting it together.  Its so cool and evil, that it begs for paint as well as your soul.  Here it is on its hand-crafted cemetary base, but only partially complete.  The complexity of the model warrants a multi-stage painting approach.  I'll be priming and painting the side panels (which attach to the two peg holes above the head)seperately in order to catch all the detail that will be partially obscured once they're glued in place.

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