Thursday, February 23, 2012

A tale of two models

I went from updating my blog weekly (and sometimes even more frequently) to complete silence.  Time to change that!

Today I have two models to display.  Both were done for friends and are not part of my collection.

First is eVayl - a great model!  The color scheme was not my choice, and neither was the decision to do her topless, but I think it turned out pretty well.  Lots of mood, anyway.

Next is a Slayer for a buddy's use in an RPG (thus the round base instead of the standard square WFB base).  Its been quite a while since I painted any GW models, but I enjoyed this guy.  The axe was problematic.  I think its a weak point on the sculpt.  Unlike the rest of the model, its not easy to paint without just hitting it with metallic gold and washing it with chestnut ink (which I'm no longer interested in)